Don’t you think Robin, Regina, and Henry deserve to be a family? (x)

Lana: I was impressing everyone with my French and then you interrupted me.
Sean: I'm so sorry.
Lana: It's okay. I still love you. /turns to Jared/ But I love you more.

Robin and Regina are having an argument and he says "You are the most frustrating creature." And then he pushes her against the wall and kisses her. Can lead to smut (preferably lol) or fluff or whatever you want.


Regina stood by the window in her office, looking out at the town in front of her. She leaned against it, and her mouth drew out into a straight line. She remembered those days when she had felt like she was as powerful as she’d ever be, watching the Storybrooke citizens live their lives in a haze. She had been wrong, though, because she had felt immensely more powerful when Robin held her heart. Now that he was no longer hers, she just felt like she was nothing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door bell, and she straightened her skirt as she walked through the hall. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she assumed it was the Charmings, or maybe Emma had come with Henry. 

She slowly turned the knob, and opened the door. Standing in front of her was Robin. Her breath caught in shock, and he walked straight past her without hesitation. 

"If I’ve learned anything here in Storybrooke, it’s that it is far more convenient to push one of these buttons than it is to break into a home." He stopped and turned around, his eyes scanning her up and down confidently. 

"What are you doing here?" her voice lowered, while she crossed her arms, attempting to control the jolt of energy that began to pulse through her bloodstream. 

"It has been quite a long time since I have seen you. I needed to make sure that you were still alive. I assumed it is the honorable thing to do." Robin smirked, and leaned against the chair behind him. 

"Do you think this is a joke?" she spat out in disgust. How could he be speaking to her like absolutely nothing had happened? Didn’t he understand that not being with him tore her apart every minute of every day? 

"Not at all." His face suddenly grew serious.

"Then why don’t you get the hell out?" She opened the door once again, and looked straight into his eyes. She noticed she was shaking, and she shifted her feet to remain steady. 

Robin stood up, and began walking towards her with quick, aggressive steps. “It’s killing me, too, Regina. How do you think I feel? My wife is back. My wife who I thought had died! I wake up every morning, wishing that you were in her place. Wouldn’t you think I’d change my feelings if I could?!”

He pushed the door closed behind her, and he stood directly in front of her, their faces inches apart. She held her breath and her eyes widened. 

"And what do you expect me to do? Do you want me to send out my army of woodland critters to solve all of your devastating problems?" 

He paused for a moment, a frown plastered on his face, but his eyes lit up with amusement. 

"You are the most frustrating creature." 

Robin pushed Regina against the door, and smashed his mouth against hers. He took a large breath through his nose as he pressed closer against her.

There was no longer any space between them, and Regina wanted him even closer. She grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it hard, surely bruising him. As her tongue crashed against his, all of her strength had returned. 

maybe it’s all about timing.


On a happy note…that drink finally happened.

was it my  m i s t a k e?

GUYS!!!!! WHAT IF?!?!


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Happy ‘Mean Girls’ 10-year anniversary.

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